Borden Memorial Forest

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Wildlife Habitat ImprovementWildlife Habitat Improvement

Thinning of thick, dense forests allows the natural grasses and wood plants to regenerate, which brings wildlife into the forest to graze. Also, when thinning the forest, large dead trees called "snags" are left standing for the native raptors, woodpeckers and cavity nesting birds.

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Wonderful photo opportunitiesCreation of Nature Trails and Scenic Vistas

Nature trails create the ability to be surrounded by the forest, its wildlife and under-growth, while having a safe place to walk. Interpretive signs aid in understanding forest dynamics.

Scenic vistas offer an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the mountains. Removal of all trees obstructing the view is often necessary.

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ReforestationReforestation and Introduction of New Species

A properly managed forest naturally reseeds itself. On the BMF, white fir, a native of Southern Colorado, and Colorado blue spruce have been introduced.

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Fires can get out of control! Fuels Management

By burning forest debris from timber operations and removing lower branches (ladder fuels) from tree trunks, the forest is prepared for low-intensity surface fires. Prescribed burning can be used to reduce the build up of fuels and expose mineral soil for natural reseeding.

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The Columbine is the state flower of Colorado.Educational Opportunities

    Adults enjoy the BMF 165KB 7th graders visit the BMF 154KB
    Adults and 7th graders
    regularly visit the BMF.

They learn how to harmonize the two roles of the forests:

    Conserving the environment and producing timber.

    How to maintain and improve the potential of the forests.

"Doug Fir", the talking tree.As a basis, the ecological system of forests, establishment and care techniques of forestry, management of forests as a resource, and operational systems in forestry are studied. Environmental awareness, knowledge, attitudes and skills are also covered.

"Doug Fir"(right), the talking tree describes the history of his life on the BMF, through fires and high winds, overcrowding, the spruce budworm and barkbeetle epidemics, Indians and Europeans.


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