Borden Memorial Forest

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Tom at the overlook.  A man of vision!

Thomas B. Borden
May 2, 1927-June 28, 2009

Formerly the Borden Memorial Forest
forest ball Chief Forester
forest ball Logging Superintendent
forest ball Chief Executive Officer and
forest ball Only Employee


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Mission: Ownership means accepting the responsibility to hand down to our children and grandchildren a forest in even better condition than found. The BMF Forester promotes environmental education on all levels, demonstrates the potential for harmonious interaction between man and the environment and preserves a valuable natural heritage.

What is the Borden Memorial Forest (BMF)?

The BMF is a 70 acre privately owned forest located in Rist Canyon, northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado. Fresh sprigs of grass, tree seedlings and browse species sprout in newly created openings and groves of young aspen trees flourish in clear-cut areas. In this forest, nature is encouraged, but management is essential. Photo by The Newlon's, Aug. 2006Native tree species include aspen, Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, and ponderosa pine. The forest was originally over-stocked with trees. Lodgepole pine and Douglas fir trees had practically fused together over the past 100 years, shading much of the forest floor and stunting the undergrowth. Techniques are used to promote and enhance integrated management of forests, trees and wildlife for the purpose of their conservation and a sustainable regular flow of forest products.

This acreage is dedicated to future generations as a model of proper forest management. We wish to ensure that the benefits and values of natural forests will continue to be available to mankind and provide habitats for the flora and fauna comprising forest ecosystems.

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